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One of the points of interest in Tavan Pajooh Behrad Company from the beginning of its establishment until now is the development of the organization’s knowledge and focus on the latest knowledge in the world.

In the blog section, this knowledge is provided to the audience in the form of articles in order to acquaint the dear audience with issues related to the electricity and electronics industry, and on the other hand, to create a chapter for knowledge exchange.

motekhasesin behrad min
rectifire behrad min

IGBT rectifiers

In the case of rectifiers, diode rectifiers with oil-immersed transformers are becoming obsolete, and a new generation of them is being developed.

abkari dar khalae min
Plating industry

Vacuum plating system

This type of coating, which is a new plating technology, is also known as vacuum plating physical coating system.

abkari chrome min
Scientific Articles

chrome hard plating

Creating a layer of hard metal coating made of chrome on conductive metal objects for industrial applications, preventing wear or increasing the surface resistance of parts by hard cream electrolysis is called

waterwast tpbehrad min

Wastewater Treatment

In the case of industrial effluents, they are so toxic that their direct injection into municipal sewers and canals can cause serious damage.


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