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Power Quality Meter/Data Logger

About BPQ Meter

Behrad power quality meter/data logger (BPQ) is an advanced metering device and datalogger which facilitates an in-depth, precise and online monitoring of power grid and electrical equipment parameters. Energy management , power quality monitoring and motor condition monitoring are in the scope of BPQ applications. BPQ with Behrad desktop, web-based and android monitoring and management softwares (BPQVision,BQMS and BPQView) can be a powerful suite for electrical engineers and manager in power industry to diagnose existing faults and predict failures in electrical installations and find the best solutions for future design.

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Why is Power Quality Meter Important?

Novel monitoring systems become more essential for optimizing energy consumption in heavy industry, upgrading the quality of power and reduction of faults in high power equipment by predictive actions.

Medium and heavy industries consume lots of electrical energy, use various types of high power, high cost electrical equipment (particularly high power motors). They can affect the power system by the quality of power and amount of energy consumption at one hand and be affected by upstream power grid and its quality at the other hand. Therefore, online, precise and permanent energy and power quality monitoring of important nodes of the power grid at the incoming feeders, the local substations , transformers, electrical motors , etc. is essential in industries. Moreover, data logging over certain periods according to related standards can be used for later analysis on energy and power quality in order to achieve the best design and predictive planning.

Power Quality Meter Application Scopes

  • Permanent and online monitoring of power grid (Information about all events, energy consumption, fluctuations and power quality indicators.
  • Measurement of basic and advanced electrical network parameters and power quality indicators to be aware of power consumption condition.
  • Detection and logging of input power fluctuations in industrial units.
  • Identify the sources of reactive power generation in order to optimally compensate the power factor.
  • Leakage current detection in power system by measuring null current.
  • Detection of electrical and mechanical failures of AC motors based on measurement of harmonic indicators and unbalance.
  • Monitoring and detection of causes of compensator failures (such as SVC, TCR, etc.) by capturing the voltage and current waveform.
  • Measurement of electrical energy consumption in industrial units with high accuracy in different tariffs.
  • Energy consumption analysis and find losses for optimal management of energy consumption and cost allocation
  • Measuring the amount and quality of power generation in renewable energy systems.
  • Detection of electrical and mechanical motor failures using motor current signature analysis (MCSA)

Behrad PQ Meter Significant Features


integrate a variety of advanced measurement, storage, communication and display capabilities into one device

Software Suites

Providing diverse, integrated, user-friendly and knowledge-based software systems in the field of electrical power quality monitoring


professional and user-friendly knowledge-based design and manufacturing, based on research and development using experts.


Consultation and suggestion of solution packages in the field of energy management and electrical power quality

PQ Meter in Industry

Behad PQ Meter Features

Accurate Calibration Process

Accurate calibration of equipment is one of the most important tasks in their use in industry.

Behrad Power Research Company is proud to receive a calibration certificate for its power quality stability product.

Behrad PQ Meter Software Platforms


BPQVision is an advanced energy & power quality monitoring desktop software for a network of BPQ meters on Ethernet. It provides online monitoring of parameters, power quality events and alarms.

Manage advanced settings, downloading data log, creating trends of online parameters and drawing mimic diagram of installed meters are some other features of BPQVision.

Remote monitoring of BPQ meters local network is also possible using BPQVision via Behrad Gateway application.

  • Overview of Installed BPQ Meters using mimic diagram pages
  • Online monitoring of all measured parameters in different pages
  • Average, minimum and maximum of all parameters
  • Diagram and table of three-phase voltage and current harmonic components (amplitude & phase angle)
  • Phasor diagram of power grid
  • Online tuning of measured harmonic components of active, reactive & apparent power and power factor
  • Trend curves of parameters in different time periods
  • Online monitoring of alarm status and information
  • Retrieving latest historic alarms stored in internal memory
  • Online monitoring of event status and information
  • Capturing 10 cycles of voltage & current waveforms with high resolution
  • Retrieving data log files list, downloading them separately from the internal memory, with the possibility of  previewing data  and exporting to CSV file
  • Manage settings of metering, logging, communication, alarms, etc.


BPQMS is a web-based energy and power quality management system for BPQ meters. In this system BPQ meters data stored in a database server through different communications (Ethernet/GPRS/RS485). Users can access data via a web application and generate customized reports and monitor the power system.

BPQMS is suggested for heavy industry with large power grid and many users in different levels (managers, experts and operators).

  • Definition of multiple users with different access level
  • Unlimited data logging in database server
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal report generating with flexible formats
  • Overview of alarms and events occurred in the network
  • Flexible zoning and labeling of BPQ meters for easy report generation and monitoring


BPQView is an easy-to-use android application for quick monitoring BPQ meter. User can see the summary of measured parameters, energy consumption, meter status and download meter logs with BPQView via Wi-Fi without inserting USB flash drive and opening of power panel door and working with local display right at the meter.

Some features of BPQView are listed below:

  • Display basic measured parameters in four different pages
  • Display selected harmonic components and total harmonic distortion
  • Display phasor diagram
  • Capture and display limited cycles of voltage and current waveforms
  • Download and share log files
  • Summary of meter status and settings


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