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What distinguishes us ...

Relying on the knowledge of skilled professionals and familiar with the needs of the industry as well as university professors, Tavan Pajooh Behrad Company has been able to establish an effective relationship with its customers by using the experiences of previous years and put professional and correct after-sales service at the top of all its policies.

The two main products of the company ...

New generation rectifiers

The switching power supplies produced by this company have been able to meet the needs of various industries such as metal plating industry, non-ferrous metal extraction industry (copper, zinc, silver, gold), industrial wastewater and wastewater treatment industry and chlorine production by installing in more than 300 points of The country will have a great impact on the promotion of technology in any case, exploitation in such industries in the field of power supplies of several thousand amps or several hundred volts.

These power supplies with their industrial design have always been able to work continuously and in 3 shifts, and with very flexible and varied controllability and stabilization of their output voltage and current in specified values, the new technology is available for consumption. To put.

Power quality constants

Behrad power display and quality stability device is an advanced measuring and data recording device that provides accurate, extensive and permanent monitoring of electrical network parameters and electrical equipment in three areas: electrical energy, electrical power quality and condition analysis of electric motors. This device, along with the various software systems that come with it, can be used as a powerful tool to investigate problems, improve the situation and accurate designs in the electrical network and electrical equipment for experts and managers in the electricity industry.

About members

At Tavan Pajooh Behrad Company, we have been able to open the way for the production of products worthy of use by various craftsmen and industries, by taking advantage of the increasing efforts of elite and motivated youth, along with the experience of skilled and experienced professionals, and we are ready to introduce new products with technology. World Day in the field of power electronics and measurement, data recording and transmission, to open new areas in the use of new technologies in the country.

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Isfahan, Khomeini Shahr Electrical and Electronics Industrial Town, Bargh 3 St., Sub-Branch 10, No. 177

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No. 34, 2nd Floor, Behrad Building, Opposite Hekmat High School, Sarlet Alley, Tayeb St., Isfahan


03132332485 / 09132140724



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