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New IGBT Generation Rectifiers

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Passing oil rectifiers

Common rectifiers used in Iran are oily. These power supplies work according to the law of induction. This means that as current flows through their primary winding, the same current is transmitted to the output with a conversion ratio. This current is ac or alternating current and must be rectified at the dc output. For this purpose, a set of diodes is placed in the output. Another problem with these rectifiers is that they do not have the ability to work permanently in the rated current and must be turned off after a few hours to cool their oil. Also, the cost of oil, the possibility of fire and even the size and volume occupied in them is high.

But all the problems raised in oil rectifiers in the new generation rectifiers of Tavan Pajooh Behrad Company have been solved.

رکتیفایر igbt

The fact is that success is found only in the team and nowhere else!

Dr. Hamidreza Karshenas
Member of the Board of Behrad Company

Precise control of variables

Precise control of rectifier output current and voltage


Precise regulation

Accurate regulation of output voltage and current

good (4)

Ability to stabilize settings

Ability to record rectifier settings for future use



Ability to adjust the rectifier output according to the specified program


Modular design

Ability to modular design for easy maintenance and repair

time-management (1)

Increase efficiency

Increase output efficiency in exchange for energy consumption


Less dimensions

Dimensions less than a quarter of old rectifiers



Proper performance in acidic and polluted environments

Due to the use of new IGBT technology, the energy consumption efficiency of new rectifiers is about 20% higher than traditional rectifiers. For example, by replacing an old 3000 amp rectifier with a new 2000 amp rectifier, the cost of saving energy consumption per year is equal to 5 million Tomans.

Due to the increase in accuracy and reduction of output fluctuations of switching rectifiers (ripples), the ion throwing operation in the new rectifier is much more uniform, which therefore reduces the amount of consumables in the coating process. For example, experience has shown that replacing old rectifiers with switching rectifiers in a nickel bath reduces the nickel anode consumption by about 10 to 15 percent for the same coverage.

Due to the high accuracy and ion throwing power of switching rectifiers in the current injected into the plating bath, the plating time in various plating processes such as hard chromium, nickel, galvanized and acid copper plating is reduced.

Rectifier savings

As a result of using the new generation IGTB rectifier and removing the old oil rectifiers, savings in resource consumption are created, which ultimately leads to cost reduction.

  • Oil Rectifire
  • IGBT Rectifire
Oil RectifireIGBT Rectifire
Power factorlowhigh
Workshop space requiredhighlow
Weightvery heavylight
Adjust speedslowvery fast
Response to load changeslowvery fast
Modular capability
Standby lossesmuchlow
Ripple outputvoltage dependentindependent of voltage
Precision adjustmentacceptablevery high

New generation IGBT rectifiers and oil

in the context of the comparison table

Sales of rectifiers throughout Iran

Among the reputable and large companies that have purchased the products of Tavan Pajooh Behrad Company, the following can be mentioned:

Isfahan / 30 sales

Tehran / 120 sales

Khorasan Razavi / 15 sales

East Azerbaijan / 10 sales

Yazd / 10 sales

Kerman / 5 sales

Kangan / 5 sales

Ahwaz / 10 sales

Gilan / 4 sales

Baneh / 2 sales

Ardabil / 2 sales

Hamedan / 5 sales

Nain / 2 sales

Karaj / 3 sales

Qazvin / 2 sales

Kermanshah / 2 sales

Mazandaran / 3 sales

Hormozgan / 2 sales

Qom / 5 sales

0 sells so far

IGBT rectifier applications

Technical characteristics

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IGBT rectifiers in news agencies

News of the production of new generation rectifiers was published in some news agencies, such as the national news of Iran TV, Nasim Danesh network and the news of Isfahan network. Videos related to this news are available.

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